So on Trend it Hurts...

This was going to be my 3rd HAPPENINGS topic, but it seems to be popping up everywhere so I had to share my story...


So the month of August flew by, I had an MRI Scan of my pelvis at the beginning of the month which was painless but I never had the follow up appointment until the end of the month and I didn't know how that would go, so I decided to try and take my mind off what could be coming my way and went down to London for a week, which is a whole other blog post in itself so I will get to that another time! 

When I returned from London it was now only a week until my follow up appointment with my doctor at the hospital, the gynecologic oncologist, yes the cancer specialist gynecologist, as if going to see a gyno isn't bad enough but throw in the cancer bit and that's got your mind going crazy, well it did have mine thinking the worst anyway! 
On the morning of my appointment, 30th August, I was doing my make up...presentation is everything you know?! I kept telling myself 'You will be fine, it's just a cyst, they are just ruling cancer out, it's all good' then I'd jump to the worst 'Nope, it will be the big C!' but I shook that off  well I tried to and before I knew it I was in the waiting room with my mum.

Both sitting nervously making idle chit chat, trying to pass the time then... 'Kirsty', my name was called and we made our way over to doctors office and of course his first comment was...'Great hair colour', down to my lime green streak which I normally appreciate, but not today!
We sat down with the doctor along with a nurse and a trainee doctor, which I wasn't expecting but it didn't bother me I just wanted the doc to tell me what was going on.

He started with the MRI scans which showed the cyst isn't as big as they first thought even although it looked huge but in actual fact it is more of a plum size! So that's good but that's also another fruit struck off from my diet but I will live with that as his next statement was music to my ears... 'We can rule out cancer'!  I was elated however that elation was short lived as in the next breath he said, 'It is Endometriosis, the pattern and form of these parts beside the ovary and the cyst are what you would expect from this condition'.

 The Female Productive Organs - Anatomy in Black - Emily Evans

The Female Productive Organs - Anatomy in Black - Emily Evans

Now in my last post I was ok with the possibility of it being Endometriosis as I wasn't too sure of what it was, but I thought that it could just be cut out and that would be it eliminated. 
I could not have been more wrong as there is no cure for this condition! So yes not only will I be living with MS for the rest of my life but also Endo! I feel like I should be given an Incurable Disease sash and sew on a badge for each one I have, you know make it fun! 

This condition effects 1 in 10 women in the UK but I totally understand if you don't know what it is! I am still researching it myself, but what I can tell you is that my body is yet again a little bit mixed up as Endometriosis causes tissue to behave like the lining of the womb (endometrium) but instead of staying in the womb, it is found in other parts of the body which can, worst case scenario, lead to infertility! Messed up right?! To get the full low down have a look at this link...

I would write a full explanation of what it is but I don't want to get it wrong and I really don't want to as it is pretty gross and I am still coming to terms with the fact that this is currently going on inside my body! But it is not all doom and gloom this can be a totally manageable condition with the right treatment. 

Since my diagnosis I have been seeing 'Endometriosis' everywhere, and I thought it was just because I was now aware of having it, but it turns out I could not have been diagnosed at a more perfect time as it is Endometriosis Awareness Month and has been hitting the headlines as this condition can take up to 7.5 - 8 years to be diagnosed, which I really can't believe!

Reading peoples stories and articles that have been on the news, women are either being misdiagnosed over and over again or worse still...they are told they are 'over reacting' to their period, it's like all the symptoms they have been suffering from have been put down to a modern day 'hysteria', not cool, it is 2017 people!

It took me around 9 months to be diagnosed after being told it is probably other minor conditions, which I began to believe! I kept thinking the pains were down to what I had eaten or my MS, which could have done me even more damage both mentally and physically over time if I had just accepted them.

But I am so thankful for my pushy mother! Yes I really am, as she had seen Sarah Greene on This Morning talking about her mothers diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, or rather misdiagnosis for so long and some of the symptoms matched up with mine, so that was me back at the doctor demanding a CA125 blood test and an ultra sound which I feel really sped up my diagnosis time.  

I am now on a mission to not only raise MS awareness but also awareness of Endometriosis as I knew nothing of it or the severity of it before I was diagnosed and it needs to be openly discussed!
So girls please get on to your doctor if you feel something still isn't right within your body, like I did, as early diagnosis could make such a difference! Yes I would rather I didn't have anything wrong with me but now that it is known, the right steps are being taken to figure out the best way to control it!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 13.38.40.png

I am starting my mission on Monday, 11th September by appearing on The Kaye Adams Programme on BBC Radio Scotland, to discuss being newly diagnosed with Endometriosis! So tune in between 10am and 12pm and forgive me if I stumble over my words as my little MS brain tends to stall when put on the spot!

So that is the craziness that has been going on with me recently and if you have managed to read to this point, thank you!

Love Kirsty xx